Free Kids Books on Kindle

This article shows the easiest way to get free kids books on Kindle. But, why would you want kids books on a Kindle when the best free kids books are at the library? Good question.

At the library you get to go with your kids and browse the picture books. Then let them pick out a few that they want. It’s all fun and games until you lose one or forget to bring the back on time, then the fees add up. There’s also the fact that getting a book on Kindle is simply easier than walking or driving to the library. Not as fun, but easier. And then there’s the library smell. Yuk. Kindle=No more dealing with the library smell.

Here’s a secret about getting free Kindle books that few people know. There’s a way to navigate to the entire free selection of books on Kindle and browse by the specific sub-genre you want. (For more details see the source article on free Kindle books.)

Here are the links to free kids books by category:

All Free Children’s books on Kindle.

Free Children’s Books: Baby to 2 years old

Free Children’s Books: Toddlers to 5 years old

Free Children’s Books: Ages 6 to 8 years old

Free Children’s Books: Ages 9 to 12 years old

Free Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths:

Free Comics & Graphic Novels:

Free Activities, Crafts & Game Books:

Free Cars, Trains and Spaceship books:

Free Kids Animal Books:

No money spent. Lots of books. Now it’s time to enjoy reading with your kids. Don’t forget that Kindle Fires have a night reading mode, which is easy on the eyes, and removes the blue light that might keep you awake.

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